Dr. Jay Osi Samuel

MD/CEO Prexea Oil & Gas

Since the inception of Prexea Oil and Gas Service Limited, our journey has been nothing short of remarkable, propelling us to a significant position in the oil and gas sector. Reflecting on our growth since its establishment in 2021 fills me with pride for our achievements and excitement for the promising future that lies ahead.

We have successfully evolved from a general oil and gas company into a specialized oil and gas engineering procurement/construction company, an oil and gas trading company, and an oil and gas business-to-business brokerage/consultancy firm. Our operations span across West Africa, earning the trust of our clients along the way.

Our resilient journey is fortified by a strategic approach and a focused implementation process, guided by a clear direction shaped by our deep understanding of the oil and gas sector. This understanding aligns us with our overarching vision to be one of the African leaders in the oil and gas sector.

The management team of PREXEA OIL AND GAS SERVICE LIMITED remains committed to our company’s core values, which underpin our success. We expect the same commitment from our employees and business partners.

Integrity, honesty, competency, collaboration, creativity and respect values have defined us since the founding of the company. Our dedication to these ideals must be unwavering. Our vision is to consistently surpass the expectations of our partners or clients, and our experience is unparalleled.

I am proud of all we have accomplished over the last two years and excited as we enter our next phase of business. I will ensure that PREXEA OIL AND GAS SERVICE LIMITED remains at the forefront of the upstream/downstream oil and gas sector in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Rest assured that we are fully committed to actively supporting the sustainable and holistic development of the nation’s oil and gas sector.

We will continue building on the strengths of our past, and with our proven track record, capabilities, as well as unwavering corporate values, we are increasingly able to focus on delivering safe, cost-effective, and technically advanced services that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Thanks you.